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Origami Eifel Star 


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Origami Eifel Star 

Written By: Julie Hudy 


Origami Paper (12 pieces) 

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Origami Eifel Star 

Step 1 — Origami Eifel Star 

• Let's make a super cool star! Flip it over and WOW - it's another design. 

Step 2 

• You need 12 Pieces of 3x3 origami paper. 

• If you want to have cool pattern designs on each side, you need to make sure your paper's 
pattern is always going the correct direction. 

• Pick a side, then make a small crease by folding it in half. Crease only the top section. 

• This will be your guide in the first step, but folding all of them now will help keep the 
pattern correct. 

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Origami Eifel Star 

Step 3 

• First piece - color side up, with the small crease you made in the last step on the left. 

• Fold the bottom-right point up to the crease while making sure it makes a super point in the 
top right. You may have to fidget with it a bit. 

• Fold back, with the edge along the crease you just made. 
Step 4 

• Fold the other side over to meet the right side, again making sure that you have a nice 
point at the top. 

• Again, fold paper back. Both sides should look the same. 

• Fold in half, making sure the "wings" are on the outside. 

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Origami Eifel Star 

Step 5 

• Fold the top down along the straight "wing." 

• Another view. 

Step 6 

• Open up the whole unit with color side down. 

• Fold in each side "wing." You will not be making a new crease; you should be using an 
existing crease. 

• Turn over - color side up. 

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Origami Eifel Star 

Step 7 

• Fold the bottom point up. You should fold it up to where the 2 side creases meet. 

• Let the model collapse. Folding the unit in half will make the "shovel" fold outward. 

• This is the finished unit. 

Step 8 

• Make all 12. Lay 2 out as shown. I like to call the piece of the unit that sticks out the 

• Take 2 pieces and place the "shovel" under the inside point of the other piece. 

• Slide the "shovel" up to the top. Fold. 

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Origami Eifel Star 

Step 9 

• Take the little flap and tuck it into the other piece. This will lock the two together. 

• Continue with the rest of the pieces. 

• Locking the last piece can be tricky. Just take your time. 

Step 10 

• Voila! Each side of your star is different! 

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